Planning 360

Planning can make the difference between a successful year/project and an unsuccessful one.With a robust process for gathering information, brainstorming ideas, defining the right strategy, financial modelling, and scenario testing, in Cubical we dominate the art of planning.

  • Strategy revision/definition
  • Action plan
  • Financial models
  • Scenario testing
  • KPI definition
  • Risks and mitigation plan
  • Decision making matrix

Rolling Forecast

Plans are not supposed to stay at a binder in your bookshelf. Business plans need to be revised and your tactics must be adapted as new opportunities and challenges are encountered in your way to success. At Cubical, we provide you with monthly reports, forecast adjustments, and management presentations to make sure you can react on time and get to your desired bottom line.

  • Real vs Projected performance reports
  • Forecast Updates
  • KPI reports
  • Month Closing report and presentation

Process Assessment

One of the biggest challenges of growing your business is having lean and robust processes. This is the only way of using your resources optimally while having complete control of your operations. We examine your processes using the best techniques to identify wastes and risks, and summarize our findings in a way that you can easily use our assessment as the guideline for your next continuous improvement projects.

  • Process maps
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Suggested projects by priority

Process Optimization

Optimizing your processes is not part of your value proposition to clients. It’s ours. Stay focused at your core while we work with your team to streamline your business. From sales and customer services, to production and warehouse, we have the tools to make your dream happen.

  • Process maps
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Improvement project management
  • Standarized operative procedures
  • Policies
  • Training and follow up


Cubical training helps you create strategical capabilities in your personnel. This is part of shaping the corporate culture you are striving for. We offer general training as well as customized training for your managers to be experts in Performance Management and Continuous Improvement.

  • Change management techniques

Inventory Assessment

Having frequent out stocks? Having trouble with your inventory? Don’t know which of your products are fast/slow movers? At Cubical we can help! With vast experience at inventory procurement, purchasing & planning, we can help you detect your inventory problems and develop with you a solid strategy to improve your supply chain.

  • Company assessment
  • Sourcing scan
  • Stock scan
  • Recommended action plan

Inventory Optimization

Are you currently unsatisfied with your inventory management? Let us be part of your company and develop with you the right path to have an efficient and agile supply chain while you focus in your core departments and we manage your inventory using the right tools, methods and time.

  • Monthly purchasing plan
  • KPI definition and reporting
  • Risk plan