Why Cubical?

We have found ways to make small and medium size companies as well-planned and robust as big corporations. We are an experienced team passionate about making businesses more profitable, while ensuring the boss can take vacations with peace of mind.

Our areas of expertise are Business Planning & Analysis, Operations, and Supply Chain Management.

We work with a broad variety of clients from different industries with one or more of these factors in common:

  1. GROWTH. We help companies by studying the feasibility and expected returns of their initiatives to grow revenue. Cubical offers agile action plans, dashboards and contingency plans in case the competitive scenario changes along the way.
  2. WORKING CAPITAL INTENSIVE. Companies managing inventory, account receivables, and relevant debt levels, go to Cubical to ensure having a healthy cash flow. We help them optimize their supply chain and maintain their forecasts up to date.
  3. DESIRE OF LEANER PROCESSES. Cubical is the perfect partner for companies facing the challenge of innovating to be faster and more robust without shifting the focus from their core expertise. We cut the wastes hidden in their processes, and successfully implement changes without affecting their operations.

You can rely on us because:

✔ Each member of our team is specialized in a business area to ensure the best recommendations are given

✔ Our implementations are agile, adapting the action plan to the clients’ structure and pace

✔ Our payment plans are designed around milestones achieved, not crazy hourly rates

✔ We provide excellent personalized customer service

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